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July 2017 Edition

July 2017 Edition

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Industrial Vacuum & Blower Systems

Modern Woodcrafts Automates with Robotic Arms and Intelligent VSD Vacuum Pumps

By Andy Nezelek and Todd Galpin, Atlas Copco, Industrial Vacuum Division

The integrated process that leads to perfectly finished components begins in the plant’s new material store. “One way we’re staying at the leading edge in our market is by researching the latest innovations and choosing the best machine for each process,” Legere explains. “Our new material store, operational in June 2017, is one example. It combines a physical data base of sheet goods with a robotic arm that handles materials and presents them to a cutting machine for processing. After a few minutes, a finished part emerges. All of this occurs with zero human interaction.”

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The Importance of Particle Velocity in Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying

By Hank van Ormer, Van Ormer Consulting

In open end pipe line suspension flow, or dilute phase pneumatic conveying, proper particle velocity is critical to continuing productivity and product quality. Until recently, measurement of actual particle velocity within the pipe has not been practical outside the laboratory. The plant operating personnel depend on a much less accurate metric - estimating the conveying air velocity in the pipe and relating that to particle velocity.

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Aeration Blower Systems

Blower Requirements with DO Control

By Tom Jenkins, JenTech Inc.

The capacity and pressure requirements of blowers in a Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) are determined by the aeration system. When systems are manually controlled blowers often operate at constant flow and pressure day in, day out. When the aeration system is automatically controlled to maintain a set dissolved oxygen (DO), however, the blower’s flow and system pressure vary constantly. Understanding these variations will help designers and suppliers optimize blower performance.

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