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Busch Donates €100,000 for Emergency Aid to German Red Cross

During the war in Ukraine, the German Red Cross, together with the Ukrainian and Polish Red Cross, are setting up a supply line to enable the rapid delivery of relief supplies to Ukraine. Among other items, hygiene packages, first aid kits, power banks and thousands of cots, sleeping mats and blankets will be delivered to Poland and from there on to Ukraine. The DRK is preparing to send a field hospital and support the Ukrainian Red Cross with first aid, wound care, and evacuations.

Busch supports the emergency aid of the German Red Cross to supply the civilian population in Ukraine with 100,000 euros.

Co-owner Kaya Busch said, "We have decided to give 100,000 euros to the German Red Cross as humanitarian aid for Ukraine. The fast and well-organized supply of the civilian population has top priority in this terrible emergency. We believe that the German Red Cross can achieve the most for the people, due to its good equipment and proximity of the conflict."

Busch has supported the important work of the German Red Cross for many years. But rarely has direct and, above all, financial support been as important as it has been in recent weeks. The employees of Busch companies around the world are also showing their solidarity and supporting people in need. The sales company in Poland, for example, is collecting food donations, warm clothing, sleeping bags and blankets and bringing them directly to the Polish-Ukrainian border. Ukrainian colleagues have been working at Busch in the Czech Republic for many years. The company supports these employees in accommodating family members who have fled and not only provides financial assistance here, but also collects urgently needed donations in kind. Busch has also stopped all deliveries of products to Russia until further notice.

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