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F.J. Nugent signed as Distributor for Lontra

Lontra, the manufacturer and global exporter of low-pressure blowers to wastewater and pneumatic conveying industries, is pleased to announce its partnership with F.J. Nugent as an authorized distributor.


F.J. Nugent is a highly respected sewage and wastewater treatment specialist with a solid reputation in the state of Florida. As one of the largest distributors and service providers in the region, F.J. Nugent offers a comprehensive range of products and services, including submersible sewage and positive displacement pumps, lime slaking equipment, odor control equipment, remote monitoring, and level control equipment to municipal and industrial wastewater clients.

As part of the partnership, F.J. Nugent will distribute Lontra’s LP2 Blade Blower, a new positive displacement technology that is inherently more reliable and efficient than comparable blowers on the market. The LP2 Blade Blower features Lontra’s award-winning Blade Compressor® technology: a patent-protected, compact, rotary compressor providing significant improvements in efficiency and reliability for applications in energy-intensive industries including wastewater treatment.

Fred Nugent, President at F.J. Nugent, expressing his enthusiasm for the partnership, said "We are excited to be working with Lontra. After witnessing Lontra's air-end at a recent water show, I was immediately captivated by the technology, representing the most significant advancement in blower technology I've seen in my 30 years in the industry.”

“Our customers’ feedback is that they are particularly impressed with the LP2 Blade Blower’s capability to dial into the Dissolved Oxygen Sensor (DO Sensor) and its large turn-down ratio of 10:1. The LP2 is smart and will ramp up or down to meet the plant’s actual requirement, only consuming as much energy is needed. It was an easy decision to introduce the new PD blower to our valued client base."

“We strive to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. The LP2 Blade Blower gives us a significant advantage in the market. We eagerly anticipate seeing our clients benefit from up to 34% energy savings and a substantial reduction in lifecycle costs in terms of reliability and maintenance, as well as electricity costs."

Chris Hyde, Head of Commercial at Lontra, said on the partnership, "F.J. Nugent is an excellent partner for Lontra and a testament to the quality of our technology. This esteemed sewage and wastewater treatment specialist recognized the need to enhance their PD blower range with a cutting-edge solution and chose to collaborate with Lontra. The commercial and customer interest we have received worldwide is evidence of the global attention Lontra is garnering."

Lontra and F.J. Nugent's partnership combines expertise and innovation to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to the wastewater industry. Both companies are committed to advancing technological boundaries and providing unmatched value to their clients. With the LP2 Blade Blower, customers can expect improved operational efficiency, enhanced reliability, and significant energy savings, marking a new era in wastewater treatment.

About Lontra

Lontra is a developer, manufacturer and exporter of a revolutionary blower and compressor technology, with application to the wastewater treatment and pneumatic conveying industries. Lontra Blade Blower™ technology is the first clean-sheet blower and compressor design in over 85 years, and one of the components in packaged, plug-and-play blower package: LP2 Blade Blower. It has proven energy savings of up to 34 percent against comparable machines of this type thanks to the game-changing technology. Lontra is on the cusp of global scale-up growth. Production at their new smart factory in Doncaster, UK, is ready to take an increased number of orders, as they continue to build a strategic supply chain that it can partner with into the future. For more information, visit