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Howden Announces New EasyAir Rotary Factory Package Blower

Howden kicks off 2021 with the launch of the new EasyAir Rotary. This factory package blower is under the Howden-owned product brand, Roots™. With its innovative features and easy-to-install plug-and-play design, the EasyAir Rotary is configurable to meet your unique requirements for both pressure and vacuum applications.

Howden EasyAir Rotary Factory Package Blower.

The EasyAir Rotary is integrated with controls and has variable speed drive capability while maintaining easy maintenance and fully removable enclosure panels for 360º access. The small footprint and side-by-side installation allow for more efficient use of your available space, all while having limited free field noise levels to 80 dBA.

Manufacturing of the EasyAir™ Rotary will be at Howden’s 125,000 ft2 facility located in Springfield, MO. Howden purchased the Roots™ brand in 2015 and Turblex® brand in 2017 to create the widest and most comprehensive range of blowers and compressors. The Howden, Roots and Turblex brands have a long history of reliability and quality; the EasyAir™ Rotary is well positioned to continue that legacy.

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