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Leybold Designs New VARODRY HD/O2 Screw Pump

In 2018, vacuum specialist Leybold designed the 100% dry screw pump VARODRY for demanding industrial applications. This compact all-rounder is easy to install and, thanks to its compact design, easy to integrate into systems. Now Leybold has extended its VARODRY platform by the robust "Heavy Duty" and Oxygen VD HD/O2 version.

Leybold VARODRY HD/O2 version for heavy duty or O2 industrial vacuum processes.

These features predestine the VD HD/O2 versions particularly well for rough coating, drying and regeneration applications. In these areas, where extra robustness is required, and the exhaust gases are usually discharged via piping. The VD HD/O2, which is available in pumping speed sizes 65, 100, 160 and 200 m³/h has been specially equipped with a stainless-steel exhaust and a built-in purge module.

In comparison to competitive screw vacuum pumps, VARODRY is completely oil-free, which is a special feature. In a VARODRY, there is no oil migration feasible from the gear chamber into the vacuum chamber or into products or processes. This prevents potential reactions of the lubricant with process media as well as back diffusion towards the process chamber.

Based on this completely oil-free operation and the additional precautions taken to ensure hydrocarbon-free surfaces, the HD/O2 version can tolerate 100% oxygen. This suitability has also been proven by intensive and sustained testing by a notified body.

The bottom line is that the VARODRY from Leybold scores with reliable performance and low operating costs over the entire service life. Finally, the renouncement of complex (PFPE) oil changes makes the new VARODRY HD/O2 version the ideal pump for industrial vacuum processes – even when using 100% oxygen or other demanding applications. The bottom line is that handling this vacuum pump is uncomplicated for its users and offers many advantages.

About Leybold

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