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Lontra Introduces LP2 Blade Blower

Lontra is pleased to introduce the LP2 Blade Blower. The LP2 Blade Blower is ideal for a variety of low-pressure industrial applications, from 4 psi, up to 15 psi, and potentially higher with consultation from Lontra. The airend is oil-free and ideal in clarification and aeration processes within a sewage or wastewater treatment plant, pneumatic conveying, food and beverage, as well as pharmaceuticals, to safeguard end product quality. Intensive testing and analysis have demonstrated results of more than 80,000 operating hours without the need for repairs.

Lontra’s low-pressure LP2 Blade Blower.

Lontra’s low-pressure LP2 Blade Blower is robustly designed for high performance and continuous operation, even in extreme and challenging conditions, ensuring a consistent supply of compressed air.

The positive displacement Blade Compressor® technology’s unique geometry results in a unit that is more reliable, energy-efficient, and inherently oil-free. It offers low leakage and inlet/outlet flow losses, with independent testing demonstrating energy savings of up to 34% to reduce energy costs, which can also aid end-users to meet 2030 net zero emission targets.

Lontra teamed-up with Yaskawa, a global leader in robotics and automation, to incorporate a variable speed drive (VSD) inverter, used to control the rotation speed and torque of Lontra’s WEG IE5 ultra-premium permanent magnet motor. Designed together with globally renowned motor specialists, WEG, this custom-designed motor is mounted directly onto the compressor shaft, with no coupling, to reduce losses and further increase efficiency at all operating points.

Utilizing the expertise of a prominent leader in seals and bearings, SKF, to engineer the custom rolling element bearings employed within our Blade Compressor® geometry. They delivered highly efficient solutions that delivered several proven performance benefits, optimal service life, high load-carrying capacity, low operating temperatures, and exceptionally low vibration and noise levels.

All these key components are consolidated within the unique, sound-attenuating enclosure jointly designed with Universal Wolf, market leaders in complex metal fabrication. Custom-engineered to be strong and minimize moisture ingress and contamination.

Smart performance monitoring and machine learning, provide early warnings for repairs and maintenance. Lontra’s technological advancements reduce operational downtime, maintenance costs, and total ownership costs - reducing the risk of costly and disruptive operational downtime, increasing productivity, and providing peace of mind.

Conveniently operated through its plug-in touchscreen, the technology measures and tracks pressures, temperatures, vibration, essential lubricants, and coolant levels in real-time. This increases the LP2 Blade Blowers lifetime performance and provides data for operational risks and improvements for the unit and its components.

The LP2 Blade Blower is the first commercially available blower redesign in 85 years that resolves many problems associated with conventional blower design.


About Lontra

Lontra is a developer, manufacturer and exporter of a revolutionary blower and compressor technology with application to the wastewater treatment and pneumatic conveying industries. Lontra Blade Blower™ technology is the first clean-sheet blower and compressor design in over 85 years and used inside the product: LP2 Blade Blower. It has proven energy savings of up to 34 percent against comparable machines of this type thanks to the game-changing technology. Lontra is on the cusp of global scale-up growth. Production at their new smart factory in Doncaster, UK, is ready to take an increased number of orders, as they continue to build a strategic supply chain that it can partner with into the future. To learn more visit