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Mapro International Installs Centrifugal Blowers in Thailand

Instead of anerobic digester mixing propellers, MAPRO RF Rotary Vane Compressors were chosen to inject 100 m3/h at 1.3 bar (60 CFM at 18.6 PSI) recirculating air/gas. When mixing digester liquor through a more uniform distribution of flow into blind areas a propeller does not reach, this results in lower energy consumption, lower maintenance, higher reliability, lower corrosion, and better system efficiency.

The MAPRO CM multistage Centrifugal Blowers were chosen over PD Blower technology to feed 2200 m3/h at 250 mbar (1294 CFM at 3.6 PSI) gas motors. This resulted in lower maintenance, easy access to seal replacement, fewer spare parts required, higher flow flexibility, forced ventilation on the electric motor not required, no sparking materials, higher tolerance on handling condensates, higher reliability due to Aluminum impellers, and low risk of seizure. Anticorrosive treatments are also available.

Mapro biogas installation in Thailand.

About Mapro International

Today, MAPRO BIOGAS Gas products represent the highest standards for quality and reliability, conforming ATEX94/9/EC directive. As a leading supplier of BIOGAS compressors and blowers, MAPRO offers a comprehensive product portfolio encompassing many different technologies. Customer requirements are often complex. MAPRO provides project specific solutions. There is no such thing as a standard cookie cutter BIOGAS system. Our focus is always to optimize system with the highest quality technology. Variations in gas composition, pressure and flow are individual reviewed to determine which product technology, material and coatings best suit the process conditions. For more information, visit