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NASH CERTIFIED Introduces the Savings & Sustainability Initiative Program

NASH CERTIFIED Service is proud to introduce our new Savings & Sustainability Initiative program, a program dedicated to energy conservation, reduced carbon footprint, and waste reduction and avoidance. Together, with the NASH Unit Exchange (UX) program, we can conserve energy by offering you a cost-saving solution with guaranteed performance. Recycle your existing NASH pump that may be losing performance and receive a new or factory remanufactured unit at a fraction of the cost.

One pump body requires 3,340 pounds of molten cast iron.

By re-using and reworking existing OEM components, NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps included in our UX program avoid the use of new parts that must be manufactured and shipped great distances. Thus, reducing the carbon footprint for a rebuilt pump than one might see with a new unit. Additionally, by reusing key components, such as pump bodies and reworking them to factory standards, Nash can reuse approximately 308,00 pounds of material annually that otherwise would have been sent to a landfill or melted down with high energy consumption.

Small changes make a huge difference, which is why Nash created the Savings & Sustainability Initiative program. Choosing to rebuild an existing pump or to purchase an exchange pump in return for the core of your NASH pump, is at its root, a wise an economic and environmental decision. Visit our website to learn more or request a quote today. 

NASH CERTIFIED experts have over 110 years of experience, are readily available to support your aftermarket needs, and help you avoid operational downtime. Service Centers are globally located to protect your vacuum system investment and provide quality, reliable and efficient solutions.

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