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Pfeiffer Vacuum Presents New MVP 030-3 C DC Diaphragm Pumps

Diaphragm pumps work entirely without oil. This makes them ideal for all tasks and numerous applications where a clean, dry vacuum is needed. These include laboratories, analytical systems, leak detection and research & development. With the MVP 030-3 C DC, Pfeiffer Vacuum has now introduced a new corrosive gas version of the diaphragm pump. This version features a gas ballast valve and excellent chemical and condensate compatibility. The special choice of materials ensures significantly increased robustness in a wide range of processes.

Pfeiffer Vacuum MVP 030-3 C DC diaphragm pump.

The diaphragm pumps not only do their job reliably, but also quietly and with low vibration. The noise level is below 45 dB(A). Due to their compact design and low weight, they fit very easily into small analytical systems, mass spectrometers and turbo pumping stations. As backing pumps, they perfectly complement the turbopumps from Pfeiffer Vacuum’s HiPace range. Due to the reciprocal controllability, intelligent functionalities like boost mode and stand-by mode can be parameterized resulting in shorter pump down times, less power consumption and reduced wear. The diaphragm pump and turbopump can be controlled via a single Pfeiffer Vacuum control unit and supplied with power via a single common cable. This reduces the amount of cabling effort and results in lowers costs.

The efficient, brushless DC drive system allows the speed to be adapted to the requirements of the specific application. In automatic boost mode, the pump starts at a higher speed. This can shorten the ramp-up times of connected systems, enabling users to start up more quickly. The speed is reduced as soon as a certain vacuum is reached or a specified time interval has elapsed. This results in a high level of performance and long maintenance intervals. In addition, this range of diaphragm pumps achieves excellent energy efficiency due to the standby mode and intermittent operation option in combination with turbopumps. The 24 V DC power supply means that the electrical design and associated safety measures are less complex, which further reduces costs.

The long service life of the diaphragm makes this vacuum pump particularly interesting. The three-stage MVP 030-3 C DC is equipped with a manual gas ballast valve. The accumulation of condensate in the diaphragm pump can be prevented by opening the gas ballast valve. This ensures greater process reliability and a longer service life.

An added bonus is that maintenance of the diaphragm pump is very straightforward. Both the diaphragm and the valves can be replaced quickly and easily, making time-consuming servicing a thing of the past. The pump can be used worldwide thanks to the DC drive.

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a comprehensive range of accessories since special applications sometimes require additional functional parts or components. The range of accessories includes special power cables as well as hose connections, flushing gas nozzles and relay boxes.

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