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Production of Disinfectants with Busch Vacuum Technology

The demand for disinfectants is constantly increasing due to the hygienic measures in the fight against COVID-19. Chemical companies all over the world expanded their production capacities or even switched to the production of the urgently needed disinfectants. A customer of Busch Vacuum Solutions in Canada did exactly the same thing and changed its manufacturing from producing sealants, such as silicones and glues, for the construction industry to producing disinfectants.

The customer is using R5 vacuum pumps in the mixing process for degassing and preventing oxidation. And also for the packaging process of the filled disinfectant bottles and containers. The vacuum pumps are installed in the packaging line for pick and place of cardboards. The sprayable disinfectant bottles are mainly produced for the use in schools and for the employees in hospitals, grocery stores, senior citizen residences, factories and construction sites. With the use of Busch vacuum technology, the chemical company was able to help out in the shortage of disinfectants and support the preventive measures in the fight against COVID-19.


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