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Atlas Copco Adds Three New Models to GHS VSD+ Vacuum Pumps

Atlas Copco is adding three new models to its highly efficient GHS VSD+ series of variable speed drive vacuum pumps. To date, the maximum flow rate has been 1065 cfm. Screw vacuum pumps are suitable for applications with high vacuum requirements, for example in the glass industry, on packaging lines, in can production or in drying processes. They are especially useful for upgrading from several decentralized pumps to a central vacuum supply system. With the GHS VSD+ users can significantly boost their productivity; Atlas Copco reports energy savings of up to 50% are possible, in comparison with conventional rotary vane vacuum pumps. “The payback period for a converted system is extremely short,” says Christoph Angenendt, an Atlas Copco Communications Manager for Industrial Vacuum.



The efficient, variable speed drive GHS VSD+ vacuum pumps are available for intake flows up to 5004 m3/h.


“The new units deliver higher volume flows per hour and per kilowatt power input, than any other vacuum pump of comparable capacity,” adds Angenendt. “And they are among the most efficient vacuum pumps on the market.” The design of these units is based on the tried and tested plug-and-play principles of Atlas Copco’s well-known compressors.


Vacuum Precisely Tailored to Meet Demand

The GHS 3800–5400 VSD+ vacuum pumps are high-performance, environmentally compatible units. In a central vacuum system the new pumps can precisely tailor vacuum production to meet customers’ demand. The pumps, equipped with smart Elektronikon controllers and variable speed drive systems (VSD), are extremely economical in operation. The pressure set point control function also ensures the pumps deliver the lowest possible vacuum flow, maintaining the required vacuum. This means no energy is wasted and life cycle operating expenses are significantly reduced.

Low maintenance requirements also help keep life-cycle costs low. There are no rotary vanes needing to be replaced and the screw element does not require maintenance for many years. In addition, intake filters and oil separators can be replaced without dismantling any piping. Maintenance cycles in general are very long and operators can obtain information on all the maintenance work required using a network with Smartlink software.


Small Footprint, Easy Installation

Atlas Copco supplies the vacuum pump as a plug-and-play system in a single housing. Installation is very quick and simple, saving time and space. The units have a very small footprint. Even the largest variant of the GHS VSD+ series (3800-5400) is less than 6.5 ft. x 10 ft. These models are also considerably quieter than comparable pumps, and fit very well into environmental and energy management systems in accordance with ISO 50001 and 14001. Energy recovery components can be integrated into the system, allowing users to recover a large amount of the heat unavoidably generated by compression without sacrificing pump performance. Atlas Copco reports recoverable energy levels of about 75%.

The GHS-VSD+ pumps have been developed especially for the working pressures most commonly required in industrial vacuum applications. They offer significantly higher performance than other oil-sealed and dry vane vacuum pumps. Energy recovery keeps heat release in the vicinity of the units to a minimum, meaning air conditioning systems are not needed for nearby work stations.


Electronically Monitored Cooling System   

The cooling system is equipped with an electronic thermostatic valve accurately controlling the oil temperature. This means the oil retains its optimum consistency, as any entrainment of water to the oil cycle by condensation is avoided. The cooling system also operates with a speed-controlled fan to minimize energy requirements. The vacuum pumps in the GHS 3800–5400 VSD+ series are available with water or air cooling.

Due to the extremely high oil retention capacity of the GHS VSD+, environmental impact at all operating pressures is significantly lower than with other vacuum pumps. The range, recently extended upwards, now includes for the first time a new, patented oil separator limiting the residual oil level to a maximum of 3 ppm. “This means that the exhaust air is significantly more environmentally compatible than with other oil-injected pumps of this size available on the market,” Angenendt reports. In addition, the Atlas Copco technology allows shorter cycle times because the pump reacts very quickly to changed process conditions in the pressure range relevant for the user.

The screw element has a sturdy design and a considerably longer service life than the elements typically used in screw compressors or rotary vane pumps. The special inlet control valve, operating in close liaison with the variable speed drive, allows energy consumption to be minimized.

All the pumps are equipped with Elektronikon controllers and the Smartlink remote monitoring system. The tried and tested Elektronikon controller is easy to understand and also ensures energy savings. It can be integrated into a process control system and can also control other manufacturer’s vacuum pumps.


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