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Atlas Copco Launches DHS VSD+ Range of Dry Vacuum Screw Pumps

Built for rapid cycling and applications requiring continuous operation, the DHS VSD+ is a truly clean, zero-contamination range of four dry vacuum pumps that require no water or oil cooling. By eliminating the need for the water dry screw technology typically requires, air cooling provides convenience and saves money on water and sewage costs. Plus, there’s zero chance of water contaminating the final product.

Atlas Copco DHS

The DHS VSD+ is a truly clean, zero-contamination range of four dry vacuum pumps requiring no water or oil cooling. 

Equipped with and controlled by the MKV Elektronikon®, the pump is a pioneer in variable speed drive screw technology. Featuring a built-in variable frequency drive soft start, which improves efficiency and extends the lifetime of the motor, this range of pumps eliminates the need for costly control panels – the user simply needs to provide it with power. The pump easily integrates with plant-management systems, and users get the latest status updates on runtime, stopped hours, warnings, and fault and shutdown indications. Combined with Atlas Copco’s SMARTLINK, the pump also offers unrivaled remote-monitoring capabilities. 

Thanks to the completely dry operation of the range, no oil can migrate into the pump environment – ensuring acleaner and safer working environment. This is a great advantage, especially in applications such as vacuum drying and cleaning, paper converting, sensitive and regulations-driven electronics manufacturing, and food packaging. Offering clear environmental benefits at the point of use, the range is housed in a noise-reducing canopy that ensures a noticeably quiet, vibration-free operation with a low pitch sound level.

“The new screw profile of the DHS 065-200 VSD+ offers best-in-class performance in its category,” said Walter See, Atlas Copco’s product marketing manager for vacuum pumps in the United States. “We set out to build a pump that would create a safer, cleaner and smarter industrial environment. The robust design, clean operations, and remote monitoring and control capabilities make it the perfect pump for industrial applications.”

Reduced maintenance is an integral feature of the DHS VSD+ series. The grease-lubricated bearings and the belt are the only parts that require replacement. The belt itself can be changed without external service support within 30 minutes – less than a third of the time it would typically take. Plus, the pump comprises only 50 parts – 50 percent less than most on the market. The robust canopy retains the integrity of the internal parts and can be removed easily. This greatly reduces installation complexity and associated costs, contributing to a truly clean, clever and compact vacuum pump.

Certified as oil-free in the category “Class Zero” according to ISO standard 8573-1, the pump is free of oil emissions, including aerosol oil content in the outlet air stream. The reduced number of parts within the pump combined with the variable pitch screw design help increase efficiency and reduce maintenance.

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