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Becker Pumps Introduces Two New Vacuum Pump Series for Primary Packaging

Becker Pumps Corp. unveiled its U 5 Series and Roots Booster Packages of vacuum pumps, which are specifically designed for primary packaging applications. 

Becker Pump

Becker Vacuum Pump

Becker Pumps’ New Vacuum Pump Series are designed to deliver energy efficiency, while helping users increase production.

Becker also announced it is the first vacuum pump manufacturer to supply new IE3 (International Efficiency) Premium Efficiency standard motors in the United States on its complete line of pumps. Not only are the electric motors supplied on Becker pumps more energy efficient, the pumps draw down to a deeper end vacuum allowing users to run faster packaging lines for increased production.

In addition to supplying its U 5 Series of stand-alone pumps, Becker can now offer booster pump packages as a plug and play option. It also has a large inventory of vacuum pumps in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

“Tests have proven that the new line of Becker oil-flooded vacuum pumps have a pump downtime of between five and seven percent faster than the competition’s pumps. This sounds like a small percentage, but it translates into a dramatic increase when it comes to how much more product our customers can now produce,” said Jason Rathbun, Managing Director of Becker Pumps USA.

“Thanks to these new series of Becker vacuum pumps, there are now more and better options available. Becker Pumps can insure customers they will increase production,” said Jim Matuszak, East Regional Sales Manager for Becker Pumps.


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