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DEKKER Vacuum Unveils VmaxPlus Oil-Sealed Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

DEKKER Vacuum unveiled the NEW VmaxPlus, a 10 horsepower (hp) oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump for woodworking & CNC routing. The VmaxPlus offers excellent efficiency and reliability while reaching 29” HgV; and it has superior hold-down force, lower maintenance costs and noise reduction. 

DEKKER VmaxPLUS oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump

Shown is the DEKKER VmaxPLUS oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump.

“Innovation in vacuum technology has played a critical role in the success of DEKKER since my father, Jan Dekker, first developed the concept of the oil-sealed liquid ring vacuum pump system,” said Rick Dekker, CEO. “We’re proud to continue the tradition with our latest breakthrough product. It has been in development over several years by our engineering team with broad experience in the woodworking industry.”

Vacuum level is critical to the creation of hold-down force and hold-down force is the key to efficient, profitable woodworking operations.

Research & Development Manager Sajid Khan said, “Innovation at DEKKER is targeted to customer needs. We create a close, professional collaboration with our customers to achieve a keen understanding of the engineering challenges they face. We then translate those challenges to solutions that open new opportunities for success.”


About DEKKER Vacuum

DEKKER provides vacuum solutions for a wide range of wood and plastic applications, including CNC routing, drilling, engraving, laminating, milling, thermoforming and veneering. Because woodworking is one of the most abusive work environments for vacuum pumps, all DEKKER pumps and systems are engineered with superior efficiency and reliability to deliver maximum productivity under the harshest conditions. For more information, visit or call (888) 925-5444.