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PDC Introduces ElastoTITE Elastomer Hinged Check Valves

Process Development & Control (PDC) a leading manufacturer of industrial butterfly valves and actuators for HVAC, furnace, power, blower, flow control, and exhaust air transfer systems has expanded its product line to include the ElastoTITE Elastomer Hinged Check Valve.


PDC’s ElastoTITE elastomer hinged check valve features an anti-fatigue layer that prevents valve plate separation from the hinge bar.

ElastoTITE offers many advantages over typical elastomer hinge valves. Most significantly, its patented anti-fatigue layer acts as a safety net, keeping the valve plates tethered to the check valve. That feature prevents the catastrophic failure of loose parts escaping down the pipeline and damaging expensive equipment. The anti-fatigue layer also reduces the wear on the seal to hinge interface.

ElastoTITE’s other features include a full ported design to promote high CV (flow rate), no metal-to-metal rotating parts, and an intelligently angled hinge bar. The valve can be installed in any orientation with the spring assist option, enabling increased speed at which the reversed flow is checked. PDC can customize ElastoTITE for specific applications.

The company currently offers four styles of check valves. Cast Wafer has sizing from 2” to 24”, matching ANSI 125/150LB flanges and a 4-rib cage structure to help resist adverse pipe stress. The Male Thread End NPT (National Pipe Tapered Pipe Thread) conforms to ASME/ANSI B1.20.1 standards on both ends. PDC’s Plain End Check Valves match schedule 40/80 pipe outside diameter with a smooth finish. The ends on the Grooved End ElastoTITE Check Valve match ANSI/AWWA C-606 specification. The company’s Male Thread End, Plain End and Grooved End Check Valves are available in sizes from 1” to 12”.


About PDC

PDC manufactures ElastoTITE and other industrial valves at its facility in Coraopolis, PA, near Pittsburgh. The company, which was founded in 1970, also manufactures and distributes butterfly and check valves, actuators and associated flow control components for customers worldwide. PDC owns more than 300 valve patterns that are supplemented by custom cut variations which support the company’s 11 core product segments. Applications include furnace, compressor-blower, gas recovery, gas equipment engine, HVAC, environmental, LNG and power generation. The ISO 9001-2015 certified company’s products are increasingly used in “green” alternative energy applications.  For more information call 800-732-4070, email or visit