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Pfeiffer Vacuum Introduces HiPace 700 H Turbopumps for HV and UVH Applications

Pfeiffer Vacuum has introduced the extremely high-compression HiPace 700 H turbopump, which is ideal for pumping light gases. With a compression ratio ≥ 2 . 107 for hydrogen, the pump is suitable for generating high and ultrahigh vacuum. Due to the high compression ratio, a low residual gas spectrum is created in the chamber, making it desirable for mass spectrometry applications. 

Pfeiffer hiPace

Pfeiffer Vacuum’s HiPace 700 H turbopump is suitable for generating high and ultrahigh vacuum.

An advanced rotor design gives the HiPace 700 H turbopump an exceptionally high critical backing pressure capability of 22 mbar. This allows the pumps to reach ultrahigh vacuum, even when operating with high backing pressures that occur when paired with diaphragm pumps.

"With the new HiPace H-family, we have the ideal turbopump for research and analytical applications as well as for other industrial applications. In terms of energy efficiency, this product is far ahead. Due to the integrated 'intermittent mode' function, the HiPace H switches a connected backing pump on only if the backing pressure is no longer sufficient. This reduces the energy consumption of the entire vacuum system by up to 90%," said Florian Henss, Product Manager at Pfeiffer Vacuum.

The HiPace 700 H features a robust hybrid bearing design, which combines a ceramic ball bearing on the fore-vacuum side with a permanent-magnet radial bearing. As a result, the bearings have a long service life with a service interval of more than four years.


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