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Powerex Introduces WhisperVAC Enclosed Claw Vacuum System

wispervacThe MCED075 Duplex 7.5 HP System.

Oil-free claw vacuum pumps have become widely popular in medical and laboratory vacuum applications thanks to their efficient operation, ability to handle a variety of gases (i.e. WAGD), and their low maintenance costs. However, despite efforts made by pump manufacturers over the years, they are notoriously loud. Some of the larger systems exceed NIOSH limits of noise exposure, and hearing protection is required when working on or around claw vacuum pump systems. Many facilities must have a separate room built, dedicated just to the claw vacuum system due to excessive noise. Loud claw vacuum pumps are a common source of complaints from facility managers and anyone who has to work near these pumps while they’re operating.

In response to overwhelming customer demand and our commitment to improving worker safety, Powerex has developed the industry’s first enclosed claw vacuum system for medical, laboratory and industrial applications. Our patent-pending WhisperVAC™ technology reduces sound intensity by a factor of four, while ensuring the vacuum pumps are properly cooled and operate well within acceptable temperature ranges. Maintenance personnel can safely work on or around WhisperVAC™ systems. Engineers no longer need to design separate rooms dedicated to the vacuum systems. WhisperVAC™ systems can be placed with every other piece of equipment.

Our NFPA 99 Medical Vacuum systems range from 33 scfm to 340 scfm, covering a wide range of medical facility sizes. The robust system controls are easy to use, programmed with additional safety precautions, and allows the system to be easily expandable. Each WhisperVAC™ enclosure even fits through a 36” door!


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Powerex, located just outside of Cincinnati, OH, is a leading manufacturer of oil-less compressed air and vacuum systems for medical gas, laboratory, and critical-process industrial applications. We are an ISO 9001 manufacturing facility able to provide complete air systems including tanks, UL508A control panels, and dryers. For more information please visit,