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Show Report: 2019 WEFTEC Aeration Blower Technology

The 2019 WEFTEC Technical Exhibition and Conference was held September 23-25 at McCormick Place in Chicago.  The event featured 148 technical sessions, 27 workshops, 16 mobile sessions, seven local facility tours and 1,000+ exhibitors.  Both Blower & Vacuum Best Practices and Compressed Air Best PracticesÒ Magazines were pleased to be in the literature bins at the 2019 WEFTEC!


Motors, Drives and Alternate Technology Roundup

ABB was presenting the Abilityä Digital Powertrain at the show. The Powertrain is a single portal and reporting tool for a drives, motors, bearings and pumps.  ABB is unique in that they manufacture all the main components in the system. Sensors collect data that can be trended to provide safety and maintenance cost benefits.  The Powertrain is Bluetooth enabled and the data can be stored and shared from a cloud or server. 

ABB Abilityä Digital Powertrain.

Erik Arfalk showed me Fluence’s Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor technology. He said their products can reduce the need for blowers significantly. This low energy technology is a spirally wound self-respiring membrane submerged into the wastewater tank. Low pressure air is blown though the side of the membrane to result in simultaneous nitrification and denitrification.

Erik Arfalk, Chief Marketing Officer at Fluence, in front of their Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor.

Nidec Motor Corporation was at the show with their motors for blower OEMs.  Their World Motor line has been available for two years now and is a complete redesign of their legacy product from US Motors.  The new line is lighter and has new castings.  The line provides better performance and efficiency.  They have a model for each application (Hostile Duty, Corro-Duty, and 841 Plus). Nidec was also proud to show me their Commander D Series that is an integrated motor with a built-in drive. 

Ed Koepke and Brian Wolek in front of the redesigned Nidec World Motor (left to right).

Siemens introduced their new SINAMATICS G120X drive at the show.  This new product is a variable frequency drive for pumps, fans, and compressors/blowers. The easy to use drive comes with a high-resolution graphic color keypad and optional Wi-Fi -enabled Smart Access application for data logging and cybersecurity.  The drive comes in a specially designed cabinet that can operate in a temperature range of -4 to 140° F.

Mark Martina in front of the Siemens SINAMATICS G120X drive.


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