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Sulzer Launches Line of High-speed HSR Turbo Air Compressors

Sulzer has unveiled its new line of HSR high-speed turbo air compressors designed for production of oil-free air in applications where contamination of air must be avoided. The HSR turbo air compressor utilizes high-performance turbo and magnetic bearing technology to maximize efficiency and minimizes maintenance. 

Sulzer HSR

Sulzer’s new HSR high-speed turbo air compressor line delivers oil-free air.

The new line offers two- or three-stage compression for maximum pressures of 4.5 and 9 bar (gauge), respectively, using state-of-the-art turbo airends, which are directly driven by a high-speed motor that utilizes permanent magnets. One or two variable frequency drives control the motors to achieve necessary speed and flow control. Adjustable diffuser vanes can be applied to extend the wide flow range. With modulating blow-off valves, the flow can be adjusted between zero and 100 percent. 

The HSR turbo air compressor contains no oil, providing 00 percent safe compressed air for processes where no contamination is allowed. Examples include the production of fibrous materials, manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, and varied applications in food and beverage industries.

The use of active magnetic bearings results in no mechanical friction or wear. Together with the almost total absence of vibration, allows for product longevity. Equipment of this kind typically maintains efficiency without the need for a major overhaul for more than 20 years. With its direct drive and magnetic bearings, there is no need for mechanical gears, bearings and seals.

There is no oil or other liquid lubricant anywhere in the turbo air compressors. There are no wearing parts to be replaced, no oil to be refilled and no consumables to be disposed of. As such, the HSR turbo air compressor is designed to reduce the need for service and parts.  The turbo air compressor is water-cooled. As such, heat generated by compression and drive-related losses can be recovered as usable energy. Water-cooling also ensures optimal performance and generally extends the lifetime of the components.


About Sulzer

Sulzer's core strengths are flow control and applicators. They specialize in pumping solutions and services for rotating equipment, as well as separation, mixing and application technology. Intensive research and development in fluid dynamics, process-oriented products, and special materials as well as reliable service solutions help the company maintain its leading position in its focus market segments. Customers benefit from a network of over 180 production and service sites around the world. In 2017, Sulzer sold roughly CHF 3 billion with around 14,700 employees. Shares are traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange (SIX: SUN). For more information, visit, To learn about the HSR turbo air compressors,