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CAGI Releases ANSI Approved Performance Standard for Blowers

CAGI’s performance standard for blowers, ANSI/CAGI BL 300, Performance Test Code for Electric Driven Low Pressure Air Compressor Packages has been approved as an American National Standard. The publication of this standard is in response to the growing industry’s need to understand, and in a consistent manner, compare the relative wire to air performance of different blower technologies. This type of comparative testing will provide a basis for assessing blower technologies in order to best satisfy the performance and energy consumption requirements of the user. The standard enables the fair comparison of package performance on a level playing field. The development of ANSI/CAGI BL 300 was initiated at the request of the wastewater treatment industry; however, the standard has been expanded to make it suitable for use in general industry and other applications.


Access ANSI/CAGI BL 300 here:


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