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The mission of Blower & Vacuum Best Practices is to help Energy Managers create Industrial Energy Savings while maintaining and often improving the reliability of the process. We focus only on projects with ROI’s in the 0-3 year range.


Blower System and Blow-off Optimization

Industrial blower applications, aeration blowers and blow-off air opportunities are the editorial focus on the blower side.

For example, blowers support aeration systems at industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities and represent a significant portion of the over-all energy consumption. According to Jess Burgess from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, “Aeration accounts for 25-60 percent of total energy consumption at typical wastewater treatment facilities.” Aeration is often the largest single energy-user in a municipality.  Optimizing the blowers and blower controls of the aeration system has been proven to be a huge opportunity with excellent ROI’s. Matthew Gray from BioChem Technology stated, “The implementation of a properly designed aeration control system has been reported by the United Sates Environmental Protection Agency to reduce aeration energy by 25 to 40 percent.”

Los Pressure Air System for Water Treatment

Vacuum System and Vacuum Generation Optimization


Water Separation System

The Becker water separation system for the dry pumps at the calibrator at MGM Industries

Industrial rough and medium-vacuum system optimization, as well as vacuum-generation optimization are the editorial focus on the vacuum side.

Industrial vacuum audits will examine a range of areas including the vacuum specification. Expert auditor Jesse Krivolavek, from IVS, Inc. said, “Sometimes, we see operators cranking the vacuum as deep as possible, usually fearful of operating anywhere less than “their standard”.  We’ll see plants with a central vacuum systems operating at 24”Hgv at the furthest machine (26”Hgv at the pumps), when they only needed 18”Hgv (or 20”Hgv at the pumps).  The energy consumed to create about 4”Hg-absolute (26”Hgv), when they could be creating 10”Hg-absolute (20”Hgv), is more than twice as much necessary.  The potential energy saving can be a big deal.”

Vacuum system audits can also yield unexpected benefits. A case study at a plastics extruder details how Becker replaced liquid ring vacuum pumps with a dry rotary vane vacuum pumps equipped with special-engineered water separation systems. The factory, MGM Industries, was able to significantly reduce their chilled water consumption and avoid purchasing a new 100-ton, $120,000 chiller!


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