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Technologies on Display at Best Practices 2024 EXPO & Conference


The Best Practices 2024 EXPO & Conference is bringing the largest American event for on-site utilities to the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia, Oct. 29-31. Equipment sales engineers, engineering firms and manufacturing personnel will have the opportunity to meet the leading global manufacturers of compressed air, vacuum and cooling/chilled water technologies on the EXPO floor and learn about the latest innovations in air compressors, compressed air purification, aluminum piping, pneumatics, leak detection, compressed air measurement instruments, blowers, vacuum systems, nitrogen generators, chillers, cooling towers and more.


The Best Practices 2024 EXPO will feature the latest innovations in compressed air, vacuum and cooling/chilled water technologies.  

Here is a roundup of the technologies that will be on display at the Best Practices 2024 EXPO.

Air Compressor Technologies (fixed, VSD, variable capacity drives; water- and air-cooled)

  • 15-58 psig (2-4 bar): low-pressure; lubricated and oil-free rotary screw
  • 80-220 psig (5.5-15 bar): lubricated reciprocating, rotary screw
  • 45-190 psig (3-13 bar): oil-free scroll, reciprocating, rotary screw, centrifugal
  • 145-6,000 psig (10-408 bar): boosters; lubricated, oil-free, reciprocating, screw
  • 435-1,500 psig (30-102 bar): medium pressure; oil-free reciprocating, centrifugal
  • 1,000-7,000 psig (68-476 bar): high pressure; reciprocating, centrifugal
  • 25-5,000 psig (2-340 bar): low, medium and high pressure rental air compressors
  • Controls, heat recovery, containerized systems, inlet/oil filtration, lubrication

Compressed Air Purification and Aluminum Piping Technologies 

  • +38-50°F (3-10°C) dew point refrigerated dryers: non-cycling, cycling, VSD, HIT
  • -20 to -100°F (-20 to -100°C) dew point desiccant and membrane dryers: heatless, heated, heat-of-compression, deliquescent, membrane
  • 435-7,000 psig (30-476 bar) high pressure refrigerated and desiccant dryers
  • Liquid, oil aerosol, oil vapor, particulate and sterile filters
  • Electric-timed and zero air-loss condensate drains and oil-water separators
  • Aluminum piping systems, < 232 psig (16 bar), ¾” to 10” diameter (20-350mm)
  • Aluminum piping systems, 232–1,015 psig (16-70 bar), ¾” to 2 1/2” diameter (20-63mm)

Pneumatics, Leak Detection and Compressed Air Measurement Technologies 

  • Pneumatic actuators, directional control valves and components for pneumatic circuits
  • Ultrasonic and acoustic imaging leak detection for compressed air
  • Compressed air flow and dew point meters, pressure sensors, inlet and ambient temperature sensors

Chiller and Cooling Tower Technologies (induced and forced draft, anti-microbial)

  • Packaged cooling systems: closed-circuit, evaporative with pumps, closed loop chilled water with heat exchanger, dry coolers
  • Industrial process chillers (0.6 to 150 ton cooling capacity)

Blower and Vacuum System Technologies (fixed, VSD, variable capacity drives; water- and air-cooled)

  • PD rotary lobe blower (4-15 psig) and vacuum pumps (3” to 15” Hg)
  • PD rotary screw vacuum pumps: 166 to 551 acfm, 10-29” HgV
  • PD rotary screw blowers: 190 to 5650 cfm, 4.4 to 15 psig
  • Turbo blowers: magnetic bearing, single stage geared, high speed gearless, multistage centrifugal
  • Rental blowers 
  • 15-58 psig (2-4 bar): low-pressure; lubricated and oil-free rotary screw

In addition to nearly 100 exhibitors, the EXPO will also feature the New Technology EXPO Classroom, which provides insights on new technologies from around the world. The classroom is reserved for exhibitors to present their latest technologies for compressed air, pneumatics, vacuum, chiller and cooling tower systems. This year’s presentations will include information on cutting-edge compressed air and gas instrumentation technology, advancements in centrifugal controls, system auditing, hydrogen filtration technology, sizing compressed air piping, gas compressor applications and much more.


Attendees can learn about exhibitors’ latest technologies in The New Technology EXPO Classroom.

Attendees can choose between several ticket options – the Full Conference pass, a Single Day Conference Pass or the EXPO Hall pass. The EXPO Hall Pass is currently available for just $50 during Early Bird Rates. This includes access to all EXPO hours, Opening and Plenary Sessions, a networking event at Renaissance Waverly Atrium, New Technology EXPO Classroom presentations, eligibility to enter the daily $1,000 Energy Treasure Hunt Raffle and the Women in Compressed Air, Vacuum & Cooling Networking Breakfast. Click here to secure Super Early Bird Rates now.

The Best Practices 2024 EXPO & Conference is co-sponsored by the Compressed Air & Gas Institute and the Cooling Technology Institute.


About Best Practices EXPO & Conference

The Best Practices 2024 EXPO & Conference is the leading North American event focused on sustainable, safe and reliable on-site utilities powering automation. The event takes place Oct. 29 to 31, 2024, at the Cobb Galleria Centre in Atlanta, Georgia. Attendees come from engineering firms, manufacturing plants and equipment companies responsible for specifying, purchasing, operating, selling and maintaining on-site utility equipment in industrial compressed air, vacuum and cooling water systems. For more information, visit