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July 2019 Edition

BVBP July 2019 Edition

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Industrial Blower & Vacuum Systems

How to Choose the Right Vacuum Pump for Demanding Heat-Treatment Applications

By Dave Sobiegray, Edwards

Many heat-treating applications put difficult demands on vacuum pumps in general and oil-sealed pumps, in particular. Byproducts from the heat-treating process can contaminate the vacuum pump oil and create higher vapor pressures that cause deteriorated vacuum levels in the heat-treating chamber, or buildup and blockages in the pump mechanism.

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Vacuum Controls Help Semiconductor Manufacturer Ensure Uptime and Efficiency

By Nicolas De Deken, EnergAir

In the world of semiconductor manufacturing, it’s an understatement to say peak productivity and uptime are top priorities. It’s why a leading semiconductor equipment manufacturer in Silicon Valley, California, relies on EnergAir’s Metacentre and Airmaster modular control technology to automate the vacuum system at its plant – and in turn – significantly minimize the risks of unplanned downtime, while also ensuring peak operational efficiencies.

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Aeration Blower Systems

Progress Continues on ASME PTC 13, Blowers

Blower & Vacuum Best Practices interviewed Committee Chair Jacque Shultz, HRO-Turbo Product Technical Leader, Howden North America, Inc.

In 2010, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) established the PTC 13 Committee to establish a power test code for all blower technologies. Blower & Vacuum Best Practices Magazine interviewed Committee Chair Jacque Shultz, HRO-Turbo Product Technical Leader, Howden North America, Inc., for an update on the new code.

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The Basics of Aeration Control Valves – Part 1

By Tom Jenkins, JenTech Inc.

Sizing, selection, and adjusting control valves often causes confusion for process and control system designers. Improper valve application can cause operating problems for plant staff and waste blower power. Basing the airflow control system design on fundamental principles will improve valve and control system performance.

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