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April 2020 Edition

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Industrial Blower & Vacuum Systems

Leveraging Rental Blowers for Pneumatic Conveying Applications

By Matt Piedmonte, Aerzen Rental

Pneumatic conveying applications are critical to many facilities – when you can’t move material you can’t make or sell your product. Because of a historical lack of availability of specialized rental blowers and air compressors for pneumatic conveying, plants often either accepted the production outage or rented a more readily available two-stage, oil-free rotary screw air compressor designed for 90 to 150 psig plant air service that is very inefficient at the reduced pressures needed for pneumatic conveying.

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Riding the Waves to Resolve Common Issues with Dilute- Phase Pneumatic Conveying

By Mike Grennier, Blower & Vacuum Best Practices Magazine

A long-held practice in the plastics industry is the use of high-speed, dilute-phase pneumatic conveying to deliver plastic resins to plant processes even if those same materials are the kind that can create problems ranging from excessive dust to damaged resins and more. All the while, slower-speed conveyance is normally unthinkable given production goals and the potential for plugged conveyor lines.

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Aeration Blower Systems

Black & Veatch: Ensuring Aeration Blowers Meet Needs of Wastewater Treatment Plants

By Tom Jenkins and Mike Grennier, Blower & Vacuum Best Practices Magazine

Julie Gass, P.E., is a Lead Mechanical Process Engineer at Black & Veatch and an industry veteran with extensive experience in mechanical equipment in wastewater treatment plants. She also served on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Committee responsible for ASME PTC 13, Wire-to-Air Performance Test Code for Blower Systems, which is the performance test code published in October 2019 for all blower technologies. Blower & Vacuum Best Practices Magazine interviewed Gass to gain her views on aeration blowers, PTC 13, and the firm’s rigorous specification process to ensure treatment plants get the blower best suited for their application.

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How to Calculate Aeration Blower Energy Costs

By Tom Jenkins, JenTech, Inc.

Aeration blower upgrades may be part of a total plant upgrade and minimizing energy consumption is a critical consideration. Blower replacements are also a common Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) in cost-reduction programs.

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