Industrial Utility Efficiency


July 2020 Edition

Industrial Blower & Vacuum Systems

Versatile Vacuum Technology is a Force Behind Industrial Woodworking

By Kevin Kalk, DEKKER Vacuum Technologies

There’s a lot of vacuum going on in the woodworking industry. From treatment to routing to handling, vacuum systems help meet the demands for higher speed performance, greater precision, faster production and better quality. Vacuum technology enhances the skills and talents of operators. Woodworking facilities of all sizes and production capabilities can precisely target their vacuum requirements to deliver maximum output. Here’s an overview of the most significant woodworking vacuum applications.

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Positive Displacement Blower and Vacuum Booster Lubricants

By Brendan Pankratz, Tuthill

You have your equipment, everything is set up and ready to run, but what about your lubricants? Too often, lubricants receive little attention with respect to their use in rotating equipment. Even the most reliable cars in the world will encounter problems on a short commute if the wrong transmission fluid is used during a flush. The same is true with your Positive Displacement (PD) blower or vacuum booster that operates around the clock. In our experience, approximately 80% of all bearing and gear failures are the result of improper lubrication.

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Aeration Blower Systems

KC Water Relies on Analytics to Optimize Wastewater Systems for Sustainability

By Tom Jenkins and Mike Grennier, Blower and Vacuum Best Practices Magazine

KC Water encompasses six wastewater plants and 43 flood and sanitary stations. There are 15 flood stations along the Missouri River that keep Kansas City dry. Then we have 1,350 acres of land for biosolids application. Industrial pre-treatment is the responsibility of the Regulatory Compliance Division. We all work closely together.

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Madison Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant Blower Upgrade Saves Energy

By Mike Grennier, Blower & Vacuum Best Practices Magazine

One need look no further than the treatment plant’s digester project upgrade to see the value of the plant’s forward-thinking approach at work. The upgrade involved the replacement of five Positive Displacement (PD) blowers with four, high-speed Inovair integrally geared blowers for aerating the digesters. With fewer – and smaller – blowers the plant saves tens of thousands of dollars in energy costs per year. The blowers also offer flexibility to cost-effectively adapt to the need for increased water treatment in the future. 

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