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Kaishan USA Launches New Industrial Vacuum Pump


Kaishan USA, a leading worldwide manufacturer of industrial air compressors, has introduced a new series of industrial vacuum pumps, the KRSV. The new Kaishan KRSV oil-flooded rotary screw vacuum pumps are fully packaged, out-of-the-box ready to be plugged into any system or operate independently. Featuring a combination variable speed drive and variable discharge port airend, the vacuum pumps are universally applicable and an industry leader in energy efficiency.


The new Kaishan KRSV oil-flooded rotary screw vacuum pump.

Whereas most vacuum manufacturers utilize a fixed port, which means these systems operate at a static volume ratio, a variable discharge port enables Kaishan KRSV vacuum pumps to ensure the proper volume ratio at all ranges and demands, delivering stable, optimal control for the most energy savings. From woodworking, printing, glass production and ceramics to medical and laboratory applications, the KRSV can improve a wide range of industrial processes while reducing both maintenance and electrical costs.  

“Our engineers have been diligently working on this product for over two years,” said Henry Phillips, marketing manager, of Kaishan USA. “We are proud to deliver a universal vacuum solution that leverages our expertise in rotary screw compressor technology to give customers peace of mind in reliability and total cost of ownership.”

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