Industrial Utility Efficiency

Verifying Blower System Energy with PTC 13

Tom Jenkins, P.E., President, JenTech Inc.
Mike Carlson, Lead Engineer, Inovair.

Join Keynote Speaker, Tom Jenkins, P.E., President, JenTech Inc., to discuss how blower system energy can be verified with PTC 13. After several years of development, the ASME Performance Test Code for Wire-to-Air Performance Test Code for Blower Systems has been released. Mr. Jenkins will discuss the application of the code for all types of blowers. This will include the basics of the test procedure and data collection. The calculation methods for converting test conditions to specifications will be discussed, along with the basic reporting requirements.

Our sponsor speaker is Mike Carlson, Lead Engineer, Inovair. His presentation, “25 Years of Turning Lab Developments into Real World Performance,” will discuss measuring blower characteristics with the end user in mind. He will also review field performance validation and supporting the case for a robust shop testing standard.

February 20th, 2020 

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View the webinar slides on PPTX format here.

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