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Blower and Vacuum Technologies at the 2015 Hannover Messe

Hannover Messe 2015 attracted 220,000 visitors with 70,000 coming from outside Germany. The blower and vacuum industry was very well represented and presented itself as a very healthy industry with high levels of innovation and activity. The goal of this article is to provide readers with a sampling of highlight technologies catching my eye – with apologies to the many companies left out due to editorial space limitations.


165 Year Anniversary for Oerlikon Leybold

Oerlikon Leybold is a vacuum specialist in the rough and medium vacuum segments of the heat treatment, steel degassing, food processing and packaging, analytical instruments, surface-coating markets. Based in Germany, their U.S. headquarters is in Pittsburgh, PA. A pioneer of vacuum technology, the Company is celebrating their 165 Year Anniversary as they were founded in 1850 by Ernst Leybold. It was very interesting to learn of their heritage of innovative development (100 years ago) of diffusion pumps and oil-sealed rotary vane TRIVAC B® pumps (80 years ago).

Not only was the Leybold Headquarters celebrating an anniversary: Since 1990 the Dresden location of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is integrated into the high technology field of applications with innovative cryo technology. Well-renowned semiconductor companies and research institutes such as the Fraunhofer, Helmholtz- and Leibnitz-Institutes stem from the Silicon Saxony area. As almost every research and industrial area uses vacuum today, the customer proximity of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is a decisive advantage – the more as Dresden is the pivot point and center of competence for European after sales services for the entire vacuum pumps range. Major applications of cryogenic technology include aerospace, where rocket elements, satellites, space shuttle items or space station parts are tested in large space simulation chambers.

Due to this positive development and long standing expertise, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum disposes of the most elaborated technological know-how of application and processes“, explained Dr. Martin Füllenbach, CEO Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum. „As pioneers of vacuum technology for Process Industry, Coating applications, Analytical methods and applications in Research and Development, we belong to the three largest suppliers in the world. We are proud to assist our customers as specialist already in the early consulting phases of new applications and processes. With our ample after sales services and our local footprint we consider ourselves as reliable partners for our customers”. Visit


Dr. Michael Pschyrembel and Christina Steigler from Oerlikon Leybold next to their new Sogevac SV470 vacuum pump system.

Dr. Michael Pschyrembel and Christina Steigler from Oerlikon Leybold next to their new Sogevac SV470 vacuum pump system.


Atlas Copco Rotary Screw Vacuum Technology

Atlas Copco has rapidly become one of the largest players in the vacuum industry. They have brought their expertise in low life-cycle cost and customer-friendly (low sound and space requirements) from rotary screw air compressors to the vacuum market. “We see industry centralizing their vacuum systems in industrial plants,” said Atlas Copco Vice President of Marketing Conrad Latham. “Plants are moving away from dozens of decentralized pumps to centralized systems with modern variable speed drives and electronic controllers able to optimize their energy costs and reduce maintenance costs.”

Targeting 400 mbar, the new GHS Series however looks and feels like a modern rotary screw air compressor. The standard Elektronikon controller, the sound attenuated enclosure complement modulating valves helping with the retention of oil mist able to improve performance. Vacuum industry veterans on the Atlas Copco vacuum team like Mark Taylor and Phil Berridge commented, “Vacuum pumps used to be owned by the operators. Today, the trend is moving aggressively to facilities people taking ownership. This is driving the adoption of our new full-feature rotary screw technology.” Visit


Conrad Latham, from Atlas Copco, next to the GHS 1900VSD 37 kW rotary screw vacuum pump for 0,35 mbar with the standard low-sound enclosure

Conrad Latham, from Atlas Copco, next to the GHS 1900VSD 37 kW rotary screw vacuum pump for 0,35 mbar with the standard low-sound enclosure.


New Side Channel Blowers from Becker

Becker International introduced their new line of SV 130 to SV1100 single and two-stage side channel blowers. The product line features seven compact frame sizes, featuring both single and two-stage, providing flows from 65 to 1240 m3/hr. The units have VARIAIR technology (variable speed drive control) available as an option to extend the operating range and provide energy-efficiency. VARIAIR is able to provide up to 15% volume flow increase with side channel blower through the use of a wider frequency range. Becker also introduced a new line of energy-efficient radial blowers, the VATP 1600. This VARIAIR Turbo Package consist of a RV 2.1944/10 radial blower, a VARIAIR frequency inverter, an inlet filter. Flows can get up to 1570 m3/hr for vacuum/ pressure applications ranging from -290/+410 mbar.

Becker Pumps Corporation, based in Ohio, has long had a significant market presence in many U.S. industries particularly printing, woodworking (CNC machines), medical and plastics. Visit


Stefan Beierlein, from Becker, next to their new line of SV side channel blowers.

Stefan Beierlein, from Becker, next to their new line of SV side channel blowers.


Aerzen Introduces New Models

Aerzen has always been a very interesting company to me as they fill an interesting pressure niche. The Company introduced the new E-Compressor design of the Delta Screw product family. “E” stands for energy efficient as they offer energy savings of up to 6% over the prior design. The new series of E-Compressors consists of four model sizes covering a flow range of 900 to 6.700 m3/h and drive capacities of 55 kW to 630 kW. These single-stage, oil-free screw compressors are designed for 2.0 bar (29.4 psi) and 3.0 bar (44.1 psi) operating pressures.

The company also introduced their largest model yet (150 m3/min) of their Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressor for overpressures up to 1500 mbar and vacuum to -700 mbar. This new technology, combining their positive displacement blower and rotary screw air compressor knowledge, has had an impact on the market. This new pressure range can be applied to suction conveyance application in the food and plastic granulate industries. Aerzen USA is located outside Philadelphia in Coatesville, PA. They have long been experts in pneumatic conveying – both pressure and suction conveyance. The company also has significant business units focused on the wastewater aeration and biogas markets. They are currently building a plant in Shanghai, China. Visit


Stephan Brand, from Aerzen, in front of the new Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressor model.

Stephan Brand, from Aerzen, in front of the new Delta Hybrid rotary lobe compressor model.


Pneumofore Since 1923

It was a real pleasure to meet the Swiss/Italian team of Pneumofore. CEO Daniel Hilfiker said, “Pneumofore today distinguishes itself by designing and manufacturing the world’s largest and most robust air-cooled rotary vane vacuum pumps.” The UV Series rotary vane vacuum pumps offer nominal capacity flows from 250 to 2700 m3/h at an operating pressure range from 450 to 0.5 mbar(a). The units run at 1460 rpm and offer single-stage intake volumes of 250 to 3,240 m3/h and 99.95% maximum vacuum degree reached with 0.5 mbar(a) residual pressure.

The Company’s A Series features hard aluminum alloy vanes for heavy duty 24/7 operation. The pressure range is from 2.5 to 10 bar with a capacity range from 67 to 2,037 m3/h. I was impressed by their focus on lifecycle costs. Hilfiker continued, “Pneumofore designs are used where durability is critical. Our engineering focuses on reducing maintenance costs and enduring the most difficult working conditions.”

We had interesting discussions as they attempted bravely to educate me on severe applications “standard” machines struggle to handle. “Our A HC Series is an air-cooled unit designed for hot climates with ambient temperatures up to 55 C (131 F). We are regularly called in to solve applications after more than one other design/brand has been attempted,” said Hilfiker. Interestingly, their U.S. market manager, Amin Kardosh, was just preparing to visit New Jersey and California to review the successful installation of their machines in demanding applications where others had failed. Visit


Standing next to the rotary vane airend for the UV50 are Amin Kardosh, Enrica Carena, Francesco Amati, Anastasiia Bratash and Daniel Hilfiker from Pneumofore.

Standing next to the rotary vane airend for the UV50 are Amin Kardosh, Enrica Carena, Francesco Amati, Anastasiia Bratash and Daniel Hilfiker from Pneumofore.


Pfeiffer Vacuum Celebrates 125 Years

Pfeiffer Vacuum has been setting standards in vacuum technology for 125 years now. It was in 1890 that Arthur Pfeiffer founded the company in Wetzlar, Germany. In the years that followed, Pfeiffer Vacuum played a decisive role in shaping vacuum technology. The major milestone was the invention of the turbopump in 1958. It revolutionized the industry, since it was the first pump ever to generate oil-free vacuum – the key at the time for opening up extensive new applications.

As modern technologies progressed, Pfeiffer Vacuum‘s operations became increasingly broad-based, and the company established itself with its acquisition of adixen Vacuum Products and Trinos Vakuum-Systeme in 2010 as a one-stop supplier of complete vacuum solutions. The company’s portfolio today spans not only vacuum pumps and leak detectors but also measurement instruments and analysis equipment, and encompasses both complete systems and wide-ranging service options as well as consultation services.

Launched right on time for the anniversary year, Pfeiffer Vacuum presented at the Hannover Fair, a range of new products together with a new online experience showcasing its vacuum solutions

Pfeiffer Vacuum products are used in manufacturing processes to make a wide range of essential everyday products. Vacuum technology is present everywhere in our daily lives – a fact which often goes unnoticed by consumers.

Eyeglass lenses are just one example of objects that are coated in a vacuum. Indispensable tools for this process are backing pumps, turbopumps, leak detectors, and measurement instruments made by Pfeiffer Vacuum. The coated lenses are protected from scratches and dirt and provide clear vision and antireflection properties. Pfeiffer Vacuum solutions play a crucial part in food production, too. Without them, vacuum freeze-dried products such as instant coffee or powdered milk could not be manufactured. Vacuum coated chip packets and other food packaging would not be possible – and food would have a much shorter shelf life.

Smartphones, tablets and PCs would not work without memory chips produced under vacuum conditions in a cleanroom. Cars would not have safe airbags, rims, tanks, or air conditioning hoses, since all of these objects are tested for leaks using vacuum systems and helium leak detectors. To continue to optimize those essential comforts and little extras that make our everyday life so convenient, Pfeiffer Vacuum is full of new ideas for new products and developments aimed at making a better future. Pfeiffer Vacuum, Inc. is located in New Hampshire. Visit


Pfeiffer Vacuum Celebrated Their 125 Year Anniversary

Pfeiffer Vacuum Celebrated Their 125 Year Anniversary.


Edwards Highlights Advantages of Vacuum System Modeling Software

Edwards highlighted the advantages that their modelling software can bring to vacuum system design at the Fair. Franck Merieux, Market Sector Manager, Industrial, is presented a paper on “Advanced Modelling Tools for Vacuum System Design”, outlining the capabilities of Edwards’ software to model customer installations, and thus define the optimum vacuum solution with regard to performance requirements, including cost of ownership and minimum carbon footprint.

Visitors to the Edwards’ stand saw a variety of vacuum pumps, from Gamma ion pumps suitable for creating ultra-high vacuum environments to pumps suitable for rugged industrial applications such as metallurgy or coating. There were service demonstrations on nXDS, STP and rotary vane pumps on the stand. Experts from Edwards were available to discuss any questions about vacuum, from the optimum vacuum technology for their application to the best service solution for their needs and objectives.

“We are proud of our ability to design the optimum vacuum solution for each of our customers, and I am delighted we can showcase this at ComVac. Our modelling tools are a key feature in achieving the best system design, by modelling individual installations and predicting vacuum performances” commented Franck Merieux. Visit

Teseo Piping for Vacuum Systems

Teseo piping can be used for water, vacuum and compressed air systems. I like their focus on making it easy to work with piping. They focus on all the accessories required to make piping easier to instrument and to modify. This follows the Industry 4.0 theme of getting data from the compressed air system. They displayed new aluminum modular manifolds and new HBS System joints and fittings. Teseo has also partnered with VP Instruments, the flow meter manufacturer, to make it fast and easy to carry out the safe hot-tapping of the pipe to install a flow meter. Visit


SPaolo Nardi and Paolo Erculiani, from Teseo, focus on piping systems making it easy for factories to install plug and play flow meters, manifolds and bypasses.

Paolo Nardi and Paolo Erculiani, from Teseo, focus on piping systems making it easy for factories to install “plug and play” flow meters, manifolds and bypasses.



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