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Webinar Archive: Calculating Aeration Flow and Pressure Requirements

May 2016 Webinar: Calculating Aeration Flow and Pressure Requirements



Tom Jenkins has over 30 years of experience with aeration blowers and blower controls.



John Conover is the Sales Manager, Blowers & Low-Pressure Compressors, for Atlas Copco.

Join Keynote Speaker, Tom Jenkins, President of JenTech Inc., to review the required calculations, by wastewater plant design engineers, for aeration flow and pressure.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), wastewater treatment plants consume 56 billion kWh totaling nearly $3 billion per year -equal to almost 3 percent of total power usage in the United States. Aeration blowers, in a typical biological wastewater treatment plant, can account for 50 to 70 percent of the facility’s energy use. Supplying the right amount of air is critical to providing adequate treatment and pollutant removal. Aeration blowers are high flow, low-pressure applications, with process demands changing constantly over a wide range. This webinar will provide the basics of the treatment process need for air, flow and pressure, and selection factors critical to a successful system.

Our Sponsor Speaker is John Conover from Atlas Copco, whose presentation is titled, “Overview of Magnetic Bearing High-Speed Centrifugal and VSD Rotary Screw Blowers Applied to WWTP Operations.” These two technologies will be reviewed and compared as they apply to plant biological loading.

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