Industrial Utility Efficiency

New Variable Frequency Drives Fact Sheet from CEE

VFD Fact SheetThe Motor Decisions Matter campaign of the Consortium for Energy Efficiency announces the release of a new fact sheet on Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs). VFDs are devices that improve the efficiency of electric motor-driven systems by varying motor input frequency and voltage to control motor speed. Many plant managers overlook the energy saving potential of these devices, but the cost of electricity over a motor’s lifetime far outweighs the motor’s purchase price. While VFDs have been available for some time, they must be matched correctly with existing motor systems in order to achieve optimal electricity savings. The new fact sheet is targeted toward business decision makers and helps simplify what might otherwise be a complex decision given competing business priorities: if your facility moves air or water, then it is worth the time to assess the costs and benefits of installing VFDs.

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