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Improved Vacuum Supply Conserves Energy at Meat Processing Operations

The right vacuum solution not only ensures product quality in meat processing operations; it  also helps companies achieve important sustainability goals. Such is the case at two leading meat processing companies in Germany, both of whom added Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems solutions to their operations and saved energy and more as a result.


Dieter Hein: Increasing Efficiencies and Improving Sustainability 

EG Fleischwarenfabrik Dieter Hein GmbH & Co. KG produces a wide array of meat and sausage specialties for customers across Europe and the United States. The story of Fleischwarenfabrik Dieter Hein began over 80 years ago, with a butcher shop in Görlitz established by master butcher Georg Hein. His son Dieter Hein continued the tradition, opening a small shop in Osnabrück in 1961. The next step in the company's development was the inauguration of the current meat production factory in Hasbergen on the outskirts of Osnabrück in 1975. A second production facility opened in Görlitz in 1996.

As a comprehensive supplier, Dieter Hein produces cold cuts of meat for wholesalers, ranging from ready-to-serve roast convenience foods – such as meatballs, kebab meat burgers and crispy sliced bacon – to specialty produce for delicatessens, such as uncooked, cold meat, ham, roast meats, turkey and much more.

Dieter Hein is well known for its meat and sausage specialties.

As a company committed to environmental awareness, Dieter Hein has always strived toward energy-efficient production and preserving resources. With these goals in mind, it set out to further increase the efficiency of its central vacuum supply at its Hasbergen production plant.


Industry 4.0-ready Vacuum Pump Vetted

Given its focus on energy conservation, Dieter Hein had already installed a centralized vacuum supply for its packaging machines at the plant, consequently tapping into huge energy-savings potential. To save even more energy, it installed a Busch R 5 RA 0760 A PLUS rotary vacuum pump on the central vacuum system. Dieter Hein is Germany's first-ever meat processor to pilot the Busch R 5 PLUS vacuum pump, which is Industry 4.0-ready and equipped with built-in pressure control and a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

At the processing plant, more than 300 employees work in three shifts, whereby the third shift is tasked with cleaning. Produce is packaged using a total of nine automatic thermoforming machines, which are connected to a central, fully automatic, on-demand vacuum supply. A vacuum pumping unit generates the rough vacuum for pre-evacuating the packaging chambers to 45 millibars. Control valves activate a fine vacuum pumping unit as soon as the system has generated the 45 millibars at which point a second evacuation process starts to reduce the conditions in the packaging to a vacuum level of 3 to 4 millibars. A third vacuum module generates the vacuum for thermoforming the base foil in the forming station of each individual packaging machine.

To cut the energy consumption even further, Dieter Hein’s Thomas Pelke, Head of Maintenance, and Bernd Wörner, Head of the Energy Division, decided to trial Busch's R 5 PLUS  vacuum pump.

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