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Busch Honors KIEFEL with Innovation in Vacuum Award


The Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award 2022 goes to the German enterprise KIEFEL GmbH. The company manufactures thermoforming machines for the production of polymer and natural-fiber packaging. KIEFEL’s fiber thermoforming machines use DOLPHIN liquid ring vacuum pumps from Busch to pull the packaging into shape.

KIEFEL has been awarded with the Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award.

KIEFEL GmbH develops technologies that are improving sustainability of packaging products. The company has developed a machine, the NATUREFORMER KFT 90, with which recyclable and even compostable packaging can be produced from natural fibers, such as cellulose or straw. Busch Vacuum Solutions supplies the vacuum technology needed to draw the material into the mold. The two companies have been working closely together for more than twenty years.

Busch presents the Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award once a year. This award honors individuals or companies with particularly innovative applications for vacuum technology that benefit people and the environment. The Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award was first presented in 2013 to mark the 50th anniversary of Busch Vacuum Solutions.

KIEFEL has been awarded with the Innovation in Vacuum Busch Award for its important contribution to the production of thermoforming packaging with alternative materials, such as natural fibers. Its machines offer customers the opportunity to manufacture sustainable packaging products such as bowls, cups, lids, coffee capsules, packaging for frozen food, secondary packaging for electronics and luxury goods, and flowerpots, according to customers’ needs, whichever material they choose.

Increased demand for more sustainable products and designs for a circular economy are being driven by legislation and customers alike. In addition to promoting recycling, this also includes the need to develop environmentally friendly packaging alternatives that are not made of plastics.

With its innovative technology, KIEFEL is helping drive this change and lower the environmental impact of its customers’ packaging.

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