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Edwards Opens Two New Manufacturing Facilities

Edwards, the leading supplier of vacuum and abatement services and solutions to the global semiconductor industry, is opening its new state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Chandler, Arizona and Haverhill, Massachusetts, to support the fast-growing North American semiconductor market with services and solutions for the efficient and environmentally sustainable production of chips. The new facilities, which begin operations this quarter, will add valuable manufacturing and service capability to support the rapidly growing US semiconductor industry.

Edwards’ New facility for cryopump manufacturing in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

The company’s new 200,000-square-foot facility in Chandler began operations in November to provide remanufacturing and assembly of vacuum pumps and other equipment essential to meet the demand for new semiconductor fab requirements. The facility uses advanced automation and data solutions to disassemble, clean, inspect, repair, replace and reassemble pumps.

The Chandler investment will create approximately 200 new jobs in the local area, with scope to grow along with the market.

Meanwhile, Edwards’ new facility for cryopump manufacturing and R&D located in Haverhill, 36 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts, will begin operations in mid-December. The 136,000-square-foot building will accommodate all new cryopump product design and manufacturing activities currently performed in the Edwards facility in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

Edwards will transfer around 280 roles from Chelmsford to Massachusetts and expects to create an additional 60 roles covering skilled manufacturing, engineering and technology.

Environmental sustainability has been a key consideration in the construction of both facilities. Chandler is certified to the Green Globes science-based building rating system, and features water recycling, electric vehicle charging and solar panels to contribute to more sustainable manufacturing operations. Haverhill incorporates a high-efficiency HVAC system, solar panels and two underground water retention units to collect water to feed surrounding trees and landscaping.

“We are increasing our presence in the US to be close to our customers, who are committing large investments in US semiconductor manufacturing,” said Geert Follens, Business Area President Vacuum Technique. “Agile operations, increased capacity and local-for-local supply are essential to supporting our customers, and our Chandler and Haverhill investments will play a key role in the continued growth of safe, productive and environmentally sustainable chip manufacturing in North America.”

In addition to the new facilities in Chandler and Haverhill, Edwards recently announced an investment in a new dry pump manufacturing facility in Genesee County, New York, expected to generate around 600 jobs.

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