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Leybold Sponsors Dutch Racing Team

Leybold sponsors the Formula Student Team Delft in their biggest challenge to date, to win Formula Student Germany (FSG) with their latest car, the DUT23. Racing against around 100 other teams from around the world, where their self-built racing cars are judged against several performance tests and must have a viable business plan. It’s a test of endurance, teamwork, and project management which Leybold is excited to support.

Leybold sponsored Dutch racing team reaches the top podium position.

To be first over the line, Formula Student Team Delft needed to design and build the fastest and most consistent car, and one of the biggest challenges is weight. The car needs to be as lightweight as possible, so a large portion of the chassis and aerodynamics are made from composites, usually carbon fiber. These parts are cured under a vacuum environment, and vacuum pumps are an essential part of this process. It’s paramount that the vacuum pumps can create and maintain a very low pressure in the vacuum bags. This allows the carbon fibers to compress better, achieve good strength and stiffness, and significantly decreases the possibility of defects in the final product.

“As part of the sponsorship, Leybold has kindly donated two SOGEVAC 16B rotary vane pumps to the team,” said Moritz Rokitta, Chief Chassis Formula Student Team Delft. “We produce most of our carbon parts in-house, so we need our tools and materials, including vacuum pumps, to be reliable and easy to maintain.”

The Leybold SOGEVAC B single-stage oil sealed rotary vane pumps are ideal for this application, offering low cost of ownership with consistent reliable performance. Achieving an ultimate pressure of ≤ 8 x 10-2 mbar, the pumps are equipped with an anti-suck back valve at the inlet flange to prevent oil coming back into the inlet line when the pump is stopped and a gas ballast for pumping condensable vapors.

“Leybold is excited to back Formula Student Team Delft in their race to electric, providing them with the vacuum know-how and technology to help them get on the top step of the podium and be the winning team in 2023,” said Ian Dorman, General Manager Leybold. “Our vacuum technology enables many aspects of car production, from the materials for improved performance and strength to the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, Leybold is there at every stage.”

FSG23 will take place from August 14th to 20th 2023 in Hockenheim, Germany, and Team Leybold will be waving the flag for Formula Student Team Delft.

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