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MD-Kinney Expands KVC Dry Claw Series of Vacuum Pumps


Kinney Vacuum Pumps by MD-Kinney in Springfield, Missouri, has been manufacturing blowers and vacuum pumps for over 120 years. Used in applications around the world, Kinney products stand up to the demands of harsh processes with proven vacuum technology.


MD-Kinney has expanded the KVC Dry Claw series of vacuum pumps with the addition of the KVC62 and KVC122 Extreme Duty (XD) models.

Kinney Vacuum Company was founded in 1907 by J. Royal Kinney in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, and is best known for the design of the first rotary piston vacuum pump in 1909. This technology was first used in food, chemical and other process industries. In 1927, Kinney published the first compilation of technical data that would be the industry standard for vacuum pump sizing. In 1950, Kinney merged a positive displacement blower with vacuum pumps, making the first booster pump combo. In 1972, Kinney introduced a full line of liquid ring vacuum pumps in the U.S. market with both single and two stage pumps.

MD-Kinney proudly extends the KVC Dry Claw series of vacuum pumps with the addition of the KVC62 and KVC122 Extreme Duty (XD) models. The KVC Series is a contact free dry claw vacuum pump that operates efficiently and economically. Contactless operation means minimal wearing parts and maintenance needed with oil-free compression. The KVC Dry Claw Pumps offer a compact footprint requiring a minimal amount of floor space and are very easy to install. The KVC62 and KVC122 XD models will further offer low noise operation with coated internals and flush ports to maintain smooth operation in demanding applications.


About MD-Kinney

The MD-Kinney company name was derived to place a focus on the company’s well-known and reputable legacy brands once again: M-D Pneumatics® blowers and Kinney® vacuum pumps and boosters. While the name on its building may have changed, the people, products and service remain the same, allowing MD-Kinney to continue as a leader in the design and manufacturing of high performance, reliable positive displacement blowers, mechanical vacuum pumps, vacuum boosters and engineered systems. For more information, visit