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Quincy Compressor Introduces the QSV E Series Vacuum Pumps


Quincy introduced the QSV E Series vacuum pumps. They are proud to release these 30–50HP machines giving the reliability customers expect from Quincy products, with advanced features able to tackle uptime and sustainability objectives.

Quincy’s QSV vacuum pumps include an AirLogic 3 controller.

The QSV E Series permanent mag motor is oil lubricated/cooled, eliminating the need to grease motor bearings. Improved oil mist elimination (only 1.5 PPM) ensures rotor lubrication/cooling is never compromised. These features (and others) extend the overhaul range to 100,000 hours and give Quincy the confidence to back the machines with their impressive Royal Blue 10-year warranty.

Improved pumping performance at higher pressures (lower vacuum levels), means customers will get faster pump down. Sophisticated variable speed operation with a focus on power consumption, means customers will use only what is required to meet their demand…no more, no less…thereby maximizing efficiency. Customers can reduce their carbon footprint even further by opting for the Energy Recovery option to capture otherwise wasted heat.

Quincy’s QSV vacuum pumps (10HP – 125HP) include an AirLogic 3 controller, offering enhanced connectivity, customizable features, and operating modes. This means customers can remotely check run status, operating variables, and key performance metrics. Configurable operating modes allow customers to tailor the vacuum pump performance to their specific application, further maximizing performance, reliability, and energy savings. Operators and plant engineers will also enjoy the quieter operation and smaller footprint too.

Work smarter not harder with Quincy’s powerful QSV product line, providing exceptional reliability and efficiency for the toughest and harshest vacuum applications. 

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Headquartered in Bay Minette, Alabama, Quincy Compressor is a leading designer and manufacturer of reciprocating and rotary screw air compressors, from one-third to 400 horsepower; vacuum pumps, and a full line of air treatment components. In business since 1920, Quincy has built its reputation on quality and rugged reliability, building tough air compressors for the most demanding applications. The Quincy brand is synonymous with quality, delivering "Performance You Demand. Reliability You Trust." Quincy’s dedicated network of authorized distributors offers top-notch installation and after-sales services for reliable, efficient air year after year. Quincy has more than 600 employees worldwide, and its products are sold through multiple channels, including a network of distributors, commercial retailers, online and company-owned stores. To learn more and locate an authorized dealer, visit