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Webinar - ASME PTC 13 Wire-to-Air Performance Test Code for Blower Systems Part 2






Hiran de Mel
Lloyd Slezak
Vanthanaabinaya Chakravarthy Parthasarathy

Presenters: Hiran de Mel, Senior Project Manager and Principal Technologist, Jacobs and Lloyd Slezak, Consulting Engineer (ret), Brown and Caldwell.

ASME PTC 13 identifies the test procedure for verifying a blower system meets specified performance and match agreements between the parties. The webinar will identify specification provisions critical to successful applications. Common concerns and pitfalls will be identified.

Our sponsor speaker is Vanthanaabinaya Chakravarthy Parthasarathy, Sales Manager, Howden. Her presentation, “How to Evaluate and Select Blower Technologies,” will discuss how to select the right company and blower that fits your application and efficiency requirements.

July 28, 2022 

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