Industrial Utility Efficiency

Webinar: Sorting Through the Menu of Aeration Blower Technologies

Julie Gass, P.E., Lead Mechanical Process Engineer, Black & Veatch
Peter Cerimeli, Managing Director, Continental Blower

Join Keynote Speaker, Julie Gass, P.E., Lead Mechanical Process Engineer, Black & Veatch, to discuss the revolution in blower technologies. Ms. Gass will discuss how a plant can determine which blower technology is best for them. This will include a wide range of options as well as life cycle cost evaluation, maintenance considerations and best practices for specifying blowers.

Our Sponsor Speaker is Pete Cerimeli, Managing Director of Continental Blower. His presentation, “Multistage Centrifugal Blowers, Finding your Perfect Balance between Efficiency and Value,” will discuss the durability, maintenance requirements and ease of operation of multistage blowers. He will also discuss coupling with a variable frequency drive for optimal efficiency.

February 2021

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