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ASME PTC-13 in Action: Practical Approach to Blower System Performance Testing - Webinar

Julie Gass, P.E.
Hiran de Mel
David Sperber P.E.
Glen Roderique


Join Keynote Speakers Julie Gass, Lead Mechanical Process Engineer at Black & Veatch, and Hiran de Mel, Senior Project Manager and Principal Technologist at Jacobs, as they discuss the practical application of conducting ASME PTC-13 testing at a blower test facility that hadn't previously utilized PTC-13, based on recent case studies. They will also share experiences from other blower manufacturer's shops. Both successful aspects and areas needing improvement in these tests will be examined. The aim is to highlight the industry's initial experiences with PTC-13 testing and the witnessing engineers. Additionally, the planning and procedures associated with witnessing a blower test will be discussed.

Our sponsor speakers are David Sperber P.E., VP Sales and Marketing and Glen Roderique, Sales Engineer for Geared Centrifugal Blowers at Inovair. Their presentation, “Designing and Validating High Efficiency Blowers through ASME PTC-13,” will cover an overview of Inovair's history, manufacturing processes, compliance with BABA requirements, and PTC-13 Testing. Additionally, they will delve into blower design philosophy, the internals of geared blowers, controls, and process applications.


January 25, 2024 

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